This Is What Matt From 'Lizzie McGuire' Looks Like Now & He's So Grown Up


Raise your hand if you miss Lizzie McGuire. *Every single millennial raises their hand.* Yeah, me too. Disney just doesn't make TV like that these days (except for Raven's Home, which is truly excellent). Since we miss the good old LM golden days, we decided to take a trip down memory lane to see how the early 2000's favorite little brother is doing. Yup, we stalked Matt McGuire. And Matt from Lizzie McGuire literally is so grown up now, you're going to feel old as hell.

Allow me to refresh your memory about our good pal, Matt. He was played by actor Jake Thomas who, after Lizzie McGuire ended, was cast in Disney Channel's Cory In The House, another Disney Channel classic. He was also in A.I. Artificial Intelligence with Haley Joel Osment (who sees dead people), some Lifetime movies, and some episodes of House and CSI: MiamiCSI: NYCriminal Minds, and ER. According to his Instagram bio, he's still an actor, but he's also a photographer taking some pretty glam photos, which you can check out on his Instagram. If you don't remember exactly what Matt McGuire/Jake Thomas looks like, allow me to refresh your memory.

Here's Matt McGuire in his prime Disney Channel days. Never forget Matt's band.

Also, never forget Lenny.

And here's Matt McGuire — aka Jake Thomas — now.

Recognize that guy on the right? Well you should, because that's literally Hannah Montana's brother, Jackson, aka Jason Earles. Yup, Disney Channel worlds collided when Jake Thomas and Jason Earles judged UCLA's Spring Sing back in May of this year. Good day, Matt McGuire. I said, good day.

When Thomas isn't posting his own photography, he likes to occasionally throw things back to his Disney Channel days with some truly excellent TBTs. Here he is throwing it back to Matt's band.

Oh yeah, he also loves to do Lizzie McGuire reunions. Here he is with Ethan Craft and Tudgeman. I honestly think I'm going to cry.

Thomas posted the photo with former co-stars Clayton Snyder (Ethan Craft) and Kyle Downes (Tudgeman) on July 22, 2016, with the caption, "The Three Amigos Kyle Downes @kjdownes aka the one and only Tudgeman, and @heyclayton. We should totally have a panel at #SDCC or something... #lizzemcguire."

Oh, wait, no. Now I'm crying. Back in April 2015, Thomas reunited with Lizzie McGuire herself and Miranda, aka Hilary Duff and Lalaine, and I couldn't handle any of it. They're bowling, and I'm bawling.

Thomas posted the photo on Instagram with the caption, "So this happened last night... #lizziemcguire" Ok, yeah, just casually drop that on us, Matt. Hold on, wait. Where the hell is Gordo?! Was he not invited to this?! Give me Gordo, or give me death. Woah, sorry, guys, that got a little extra. I just really love Lizzie McGuire, OK?

Anyways, here's the one and only way to send you off: