Melina From 'Lizzie McGuire' Is All Grown Up And Super Gorgeous

by Robert Anthony

"Game of Thrones" is cool and all, but growing up, the Disney Channel was every kid's go-to destination for quality TV.

Unfortunately for the inner teen in all of us, awesome teen sitcoms like "Lizzie McGuire" no longer exist -- but it's not like our favorite childhood actors and actresses ever actually went anywhere!

Speaking of Lizzie McGuire, we know what Lizzie (Hilary Duff) looks like these days (stunning), but have you seen Melina lately? She's all grown up!

Allow me to refresh your memory.

Melina Bianco's character, played by Carly Schroeder, was Matt's friend on "Lizzie McGuire." Matt was Lizzie's severely friend-zoned little brother. In this clip, Melina shows Matt who's boss.

As you can see here, she's been playing him for quite some time.

Disney Channel

According to MTV, Carly Schroeder was 11 years old when she started her role as Melina on Disney's "Lizzie McGuire." Schroeder, who is now 25 years old, admits Hilary Duff and actress Lalaine Vergara acted as her big sisters.

In a WCW post on Instagram, Schroeder revealed,

[They] gave me candy when no one was looking and tolerated my abundance of energy. For years, I rocked hand-me-downs from Hilary and couldn't have been more stoked she made me look fashionable. During a difficult time in my life I had these two gorgeous, intelligent, talented big sisters looking out for me.

Well, now Carly's "gorgeous, intelligent, and talented" herself!

So, what's Melina/Carly been up to these days?

Thankfully Instagram exists! It turns out she's been doing a TON of traveling...

Adopted an adorable Shiba Inu named Jax...

Graduated from California Lutheran University...

Explored ice caves...

Hanging out barefoot in the woods...

Chopping firewood...

Let's just say she's been doing just fine since her role as Melina on Disney's "Lizzie McGuire" came to an end.

Overall, traveling seems to be her thing.

In a recent interview with Outdoor Bella Magazine, Schroeder revealed her future plans are to, "to empower women, protect animals, hike the Pacific Crest Trail, shark dive and be in a film with Reese Witherspoon." Ambitious!

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