Makeup Artist's Transformation Into Ruby Rose Is Completely On Point (Video)

Even if you're not able to date Ruby Rose, you can at least paint your significant other to look exactly like her.

YouTube makeup artist Kandee Johnson -- who we can all agree spells her first name in the worst way possible -- may already kind of look like Ruby Rose, the Australian model who made her debut on “Orange is The New Black” this past season, but that clearly isn't enough.

When you're trying to harness the confidence of inmate Stella Carlin, “kind of” won't cut it.

Armed with a makeup kit, Kandee transforms herself into Ruby Rose, and it's shockingly accurate.

Honestly, who wouldn't want to look like Ruby Rose? I'm a straight, 26-year-old guy from New Jersey, and I wouldn't mind looking like Ruby Rose for a couple of minutes each day.

She's an Aussie in a woman's prison with more confidence than a personified version of the “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” music video, and I get nervous when ordering salad at a salad bar if there is a line behind me.

I can use a little patented Ruby Rose confidence in my life.

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