Macklemore Drops Powerful Song Called 'Wednesday Morning' After Election


Macklemore is known for two things:

1. Socially conscious music. 2. Wearing clothes someone definitely died in.

This week, the rapper released “Wednesday Morning,” a track reflecting on the state of America following last Tuesday's presidential election, during which former reality TV star and wall enthusiast Donald Trump was named president-elect of these doomed United States.


Following a campaign packed with violent rallies and xenophobic rhetoric, Trump's victory at the hands of the Electoral College found many voters crestfallen, and — wouldn't you know it — Macklemore swooped in just in time with some of that good stare-out-the-window-as-the-rain-falls-and-weep-for-your-future music.

While most of the song is pretty depressing, befitting of the vibe in coastal communities this week, the 33-year-old did use the bridge of the song for a clutch call-to-action.

He raps,

And we fight for the people that haven't had a voice Fight for the first amendment, fight for freedom of choice Fight for women's rights, if she does or doesn't care We ride for all the Queer folk and fight for all to get married I'm not moving to Canada, not fleeing the nation No time for apathy, no more tears and no complainin' Gotta fight harder for the next four and what we're faced with Got my daughter in my arms and he is not gonna raise her

This isn't the first emotional appeal Macklemore, real name Ben Haggerty, has made to fans. Last week, the results of the election motivated Ben to share a picture of his daughter sleeping alongside a lengthy caption.

He wrote,

I don't have control over Donald Trump becoming president. That has been decided. But what I do have control over is where I go from here…Donald Trump is not raising my daughter. I am. I get to encourage and nurture her to be who she wants to be. Teach her that her voice and actions can change the world. Teach her that she can do anything that a man can do. And one day, even become president of the United States of America. I have work to do. It starts now.

Dang. Macklemore is fired the fuck up. His commitment to fighting against the marginalization of citizens commonly alienated by Trump and his growing team is reassuring news following Kanye West's pro-Trump announcement Thursday night during a San Jose tour stop.

It's safe to say, come 2020, Yeezy doesn't have Macklemore's vote.

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