Leo DiCaprio's Supermodel GF Is On Tinder And We Have Questions


Leonardo DiCaprio's gorgeous 24-year-old girlfriend, Nina Agdal, is on Tinder. Yep, that sounds about right to me!

To clarify, Nina is not actually trying to cheat on Leonardo DiCaprio.

She's just doing this promotional contest for Sports Illustrated.

If you swipe right on the Danish supermodel's profile between today, January 25, and February 1, you'll be entered for a chance for you and a friend to meet her in Houston at the VIBES by SI Swimsuit festival.

And no, it's not a date. She's just going to talk to you about how to improve your love life.

Since the festival is after Valentine's Day on February 17, it could be a good opportunity to reflect on how badly you messed up.

So again: No shenanigans going on behind Leo's back here. Just some innocent, Sports Illustrated-sponsored content.

But even if there had been something nefarious going on, I wouldn't be at all surprised or upset.

In fact, I think the real question I have here is:

Why isn't Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend cheating on him?

Take a look at this newly released video of Nina for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

I feel we can all agree this woman is mind-blowingly hot.

Compare that to this recent photo of Leonardo DiCaprio.


Look. I'm not trying to be mean. Leo was very good looking back in his day.

But he is now 42 years old. And damn, a girl has needs that can't be met with an Oscar sometimes!

Also, just to reiterate, his girlfriend is 24 years old. She was born in 1992.

That means when Leo was nominated for his first Oscar in 1994, she was literally a 2-year-old toddler. And when "Titanic" came out, she was 5. FIVE.

Leo's current girlfriend was 5 when he was drawing Kate Winslet's breasts. We're just gonna let that slide?

And what about those rumors that Leo himself was cheating on Nina, with yet another 24-year-old bikini model?

Look, all I'm saying is, if anyone deserves to have their girlfriend on Tinder, it's our pal Leo. Get it together, my man.

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