Leo May Or May Not Have Thrown Rihanna An Epic 27th Birthday Party

Remember when we told you Leo DiCaprio and Rihanna might be dating?

While neither party has confirmed or denied the gossip, news from Rihanna's 27th birthday party might be all the confirmation we need.

One anonymous partygoer told People that RiRi and Leo “weren't couple-y but they would flirt and dance."

Some reports claim Leo even organized the star-studded event for his maybe-girlfriend, but sources tell the New York Daily News this is not the case.

Allegedly, Rihanna's longtime friend (and maybe hookup), club owner Richie Akiva, is to thank for that.

Another anonymous insider divulged,

Richie threw the RiRi party — not Leo.

Apparently, each time Rihanna has been spotted with Leo, Akiva was there: in St. Barths earlier this year, on New Year's Eve and even on Valentine's Day.

One insider spilled,

She's not showing up with Leo. She's showing up with Richie.

Whatever the case, it sure sounds like Rihanna is having fun and doing her 20s right.

Plus, if she's not with Leo, then he's single -- and a single Leo is a Leo we like.

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