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Lena Dunham Rips Magazine Over 'Diet Tips'

Lena Dunham wants you to know she is not here to teach you about weight loss or tell you what to do with your body.

The "Girls" creator and star posted a scathing Instagram post on Sunday night, which showed a magazine touting "20 slimdown diet tips stars are using" with her body on the cover. The caption says "Lena: How she gets motivated."


Lena posted a long list of her own 20 'diet tips' in the photo's caption. It reads,

This isn't the first time Lena has fired back at the media for using her weight loss as a story headline. Back in March, she posted this Instagram after being celebrated for dropping pounds in before-and-after pictures.

Part of the caption reads,

I'm with you, Lena. It's not the media's job to tell people to lose weight, HOW to lose weight, what celebrities are doing to get "toned" bodies, or anything of the sort. Your body is your body, and it's beautiful in every way.

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