Lea Michele Brought In 2017 By Posing Naked On Instagram Again


It may be 2017, but actress, singer and New York Times best selling author Lea Michele is still posting incredibly steamy and sexy photos on Instagram.

The 30-year-old Bronx, New York native ushered in the new year by posting a completely naked photo on Instagram, and when I tell you this pic is too hot to handle, I'm being completely honest.

Sure, Lea Michele posted plenty of hot selfies and belfies in 2016...


But she really brought the heat with her first sexy photo of 2017.

Without further ado, I give you a completely naked Lea Michele to help you ring in the new year.


Bang!!! What, you thought I was exaggerating about Lea Michele posing completely naked on Instagram?

Nope. Michele clearly isn't about wearing clothes in 2017, and that's a New Year's resolution we can all get behind, right?

To caption the above photo, the 30-year-old said,

Loving you so far 2017.

Me too, Lea.

Considering all the terrible shit that happened in 2016, is it a stretch to say Lea Michele's naked selfie already made 2017 better than last year?

I think not.

Did Lea Michele look this good on "Scream Queens"? Seriously, I never watched that show, so I'm looking for an actual answer.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight back in October, Lea Michele gave a little insight into her current run of unbelievable form. She said,

Beauty I think comes from the happiness within. And I'm really happy with my life right now.

I'm happy with your life, too, Lea. Whatever we need to do to make sure that happiness continues, I'm willing to help.

We're on the verge of Trump entering the White House, and the world tumbling off a cliff, so we need more of these incredibly sexy photos from Lea Michele in 2017.

I hope this photo of Michele makes your first week back at work slightly more bearable.

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