Lana Del Rey Says She Cast A Spell On Donald Trump And No One's Surprised

Getty Images/ Christopher Polk

In February, Elite Daily reported that witches around the world were planning a hex on Donald Trump and the hex was set to repeat on every waning crescent moon throughout 2017. The spell, which made the rounds on the internet on February 24, is known in the witch community as a "binding spell," which means its goal was to "bind" Trump from committing any harm on minority groups he has previously targeted, like Latinos, LGBTQ+ individuals, and refugees. And on that same day, Lana Del Rey was active on Twitter, hinting to her followers (in her usual Lana way -- not directly), that she was indeed planning on casting a spell on Trump.

She left an eerie and vague message to her fans about the ritual, accompanied with a photo of herself dressed in all black and raising her left hand.

She posted the hex schedule to her Twitter account.

She tweeted,

At the stroke of midnight Februrary 24, March 26, April 24, May 23 Ingredients can b found online

Fans were quick to make the connection to the binding spell, and posted the aforementioned ingredients directly online.

And now, in an interview with NME to promote her new album, Lust For Life, Lana confirmed to the magazine that she did, in fact, cast a spell on Donald Trump.

When asked about the hex that she tweeted out on February 24, Lana told NME,

Yeah, I did it. Why not? Look, I do a lot of sh*t.

NME asked if she regularly practiced spells, and Lana changed the subject while shedding some light on her core beliefs:

I'm in line with Yoko and John and the belief that there's a power to the vibration of a thought. Your thoughts are very powerful things and they become words, and words become actions, and actions lead to physical changes.

Her unapologetic attitude on the situation, not only resembles Trump's usual dissertation on criticism, but is also gaining a lot of support from her fans on Twitter.

Witchy vibes are nothing new for Lana.

Back in March, Lana released the first Lust For Life promo, teasing some serious witch vibes. The black-and-white film showed Lana dressed in all black and balancing floating crystal balls and sand vials.

In the trailer, she spoke heavily of the "trying times" Americans are currently living in, suggesting her album would heavily relate to American culture under the guise of Trump.

Lana Del Rey is known for her dark and gloomy vibes and statement music videos, and after announcing to Pitchfork last week that she would no longer use American flag imagery on tour because it is "uncomfortable" now that Trump is president, this hex should come as no surprise to her fans.

Kudos to Lana for not giving a f*ck about her witch status, and taking a stand against Trump in her own way.

Lana Del Rey's latest album, Lust For Life came out on July 21.