Lady Gaga Faked Her Big Super Bowl Jump And Here's How


Last night, covered in corn chips and in a post-guacamole haze, I witnessed Lady Gaga descend from the heavens into a Texas football stadium during the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

I realized I wasn't hallucinating because I had eaten 4 feet of the 6-foot sub sandwich all by myself -- the singer was actually falling like a spider saying to itself, "Swiggity swooty, I'm coming for that booty."

That is an astounding 260-foot jump from the ceiling of the the NRG Stadium.

To put that into terms I understand, that's the equivalent of 43.3 6-foot submarine sandwiches.

But we've all been tricked. I know, if we can't trust this keytar-playing, golden spikes-wearing queen, who can we trust?


The "jump" itself was pre-recorded -- Gaga was only suspended by a safety wire about halfway up.

The show began with Gaga standing on the roof with wind blowing her hair as she sang "God Bless America" and "This Land is Your Land" with 300 Intel drones creating the US flag in red, white and blue in the sky.

Then, it looked like she leapt from the roof.

But only viewers at home saw this. In the stadium, people thought the show began with Gaga hanging from the wires in the dark.

The beginning of the event was pre-recorded due to unpredictable weather in February. Natalie Cheung, the general manager for Intel Drones, said,

This makes me believe Lady Gaga is one of the most badass professionals in the world and would 100 perfect do it live if she were allowed to.

All this is on top of giving an incredibly high-energy performance for 13 minutes.

Cheung continued,


Whether your team won or loss, we can all agree Lady Gaga was the best part of last night.

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