Kylie Jenner's Fans Are Freaking Out Over Her 'Third Nipple' In Bikini Pic

by Eitan Levine

It's like, how many freaking nipples is Kylie Jenner hiding from us!?!?!

Kylie Jenner is known for a lot of things. She's the biggest name on Snapchat, she's a prominent member of the world's most famous family, she's a fashion icon, she's a possible singer and she is likely the only person paying attention to King Cairo nowadays.

She's also someone who we all just assumed had two nipples. That's not a weird sexual statement or anything like that.

People have nipples, and most people have two of them. In fact, the Jenner family is KNOWN for their two nipples.

All Kendall Jenner does these days is book high-profile modeling gigs and wear semi see-through tops.

But what if I told you Kylie wasn't like her sister. What if I told you she wasn't like everyone else on the planet? What if I told you Kylie Jenner was a three-nipple'd freak of nature?

Before you click out of this article, check out this picture from Instagram.

Notice anything weird about Kylie's right knee?


WTF is that?!?!

My five working theories are:

1) Kylie Jenner ate her twin in Kris Jenner's womb and now that fetus is trying to escape.

2) It's a her third of eight nipples.

3) Two little bugs were having dinner on her knee and forgot to bring the table with them when they were done.

4) Rubbing Kylie's Lip Kit on her arms to model the colors for Snapchat every single day for the past year has finally given her cancer.

5) Idk, just some shmootz?

The comment section on the post is also hilariously confused by whatever the hell is happening


#Kneepple better start trending on Twitter or I officially quit using the internet.


One fan theorized it's a Band-Aid that's slowly falling off her knee as if it was a chewed up piece of gum that was thrown at a chalkboard.


Then there is this guy who absolutely destroyed Tyga.

The thing is, we know this isn't a permanent feature on Kylie's knee.

SOooooooOOooOOoo, what's the deal, Kylie?

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