Kylie Jenner Wants You To Know She's A '19-Year-Old Prostitute'

Say what you will about Kylie Jenner, but the girl knows her way around a killer comeback.

The proof is in her retort to a Twitter troll who told Kylie she looks "like a 14-year-old prostitute."


And Kylie's response was not to deny anything or even to call this guy out for imagining what 14-year-old prostitute would like, but merely to correct him on her age.


Got 'em.

Hey, if you're going to accuse Kylie of prostitution, at least get her age right.

Kylie fans were more than delighted to witness such a brutal murder.

@KylieJenner pic.twitter.com/fpcvgRJ9wg — Dominic Riccitello (@DominicScott) October 11, 2016
@KylieJenner @ovoGATOR pic.twitter.com/VLIhtugm9p — slattern (@slatt3rn) October 10, 2016
@KylieJenner @ovoGATOR pic.twitter.com/7WuNGn4EX3 — Kristy (@OfficiallyKLM) October 11, 2016

Kylie undoubtedly gets gross online comments like this directed at her all the time because, unfortunately, there are a lot of gross people out there.

This particular gross human might have come out of the woodwork because of her recent Instagram selfie that featured her in only a sweater and underwear.


OK, but seriously, if anyone who is looking at that photo immediately thinks "14-year-old," I think that person might need to be put on a pedophilia watch list or something.

Some Kylie fans even took the liberty to look through this troll's Twitter photos to see how he likes being judged on his selfies.


The moral of this story is: It never hurts to do a quick Google search before you share your trash thoughts on the internet!

In other news, how about that new Kylie hair, huh?

Last week, Kylie debuted her new rose gold hair on Instagram, and despite it's uncanny resemblance to the rose gold iPhone case, it actually looks pretty awesome.


Sadly, though, much like the iPhone 7, Kylie's new hair does not come with a headphone jack option.

That's one classy 19-year-old prostitute!

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