Kristen Bell's 'Game Of Thrones' Viewing Party Puts Yours To Shame

Second only to a slice of thin-style New York pizza, Game of Thrones is truly the great equalizer. Therefore, the combination of the two is quite possibly the key to ending all societal imperfections; nothing brings people together like good food and better beheadings. The proof is in Kristen Bell's incredible Game of Thrones viewing party.

Bell, along with her husband Dax Shepard, is a long-time Game of Thrones fan and detailed her epic party to Elite Daily at a Naked Juice DrinkGoodDoGood Campaign event. Bell partnered with the organization because of her passion for making healthy, wholesome food accessible to all Americans (the Seven Kingdoms are presumably her next big feat).

Bell's GOT viewing party made headlines right after the Season 7 premiere, and we found out exactly how she turned hard-boiled eggs into "dragon eggs" and gave her wings some extra flair. She explained:

While Bell is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, she revealed she's not one to hold herself back because you really do only live once -- discluding Jon Snow.