Kristen Bell Carpooled In An Uber And She Live-Tweeted The Whole Thing


Celebrities: They're just like us. They're just wealthy and probably have car service on call, and sometimes, they order Ubers and accidentally hit the UberPool option.

Then, they deeply regret it.

Yesterday, actress Kristen Bell made that very mistake.

Instead enjoying a private, relaxing Uber ride, Bell shared the car with a few strangers. They might've been gawking at her, but she gawked right back.

What's more, she did it on Twitter, live-tweeting the ride and its ensuing awkward silence.

Bell realized she'd made a mistake when her Uber driver suddenly announced plans to pick up others.

Turns out the option isn't just seasonally festive.

Some silence is golden. This particular silence, however, was not.

Then, the singing began.

When the singing faded, the only thing left to do was gaze out the window.

Bell questioned where, exactly, they were headed.

Any interest in making this a full-time gig, Kristen?

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