Kris Jenner Is 61 And Completely Stole Jennifer Lopez's Sexual Look At The Oscars

by Anna Menta

The 2017 Oscars was full gorgeous people in gorgeous outfits. It was also full of gorgeous people in not so gorgeous outfits.

And then there was Kris Jenner, who was just straight up in one of Jennifer Lopez's old outfits.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself,

Wait, why the heck was Kris Jenner even at the Oscars?

That is a very fair question.

The answer is Kris Jenner was not actually at the Oscars. But she was in the studio with E! helping out with the live coverage of the Oscars red carpet alongside host Giuliana Rancic and "This Is Us" star Chrissy Metz.

Now, considering these three ladies were judging other peoples' dresses, you'd think they'd want to look pretty good themselves.

Which they did!

Except... let's take a closer look at that dress Kris is wearing.

Doesn't that dress look kind of familiar to you guys?

As Perez Hilton pointed out, we've definitely seen that dress on the red carpet before.

Yep, that's the dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2013 Golden Globe Awards.


Is it mean to ask who wore it better?

To be fair to Kris, 2013 is now four years ago, which is a pretty long time. I'm no fashion police woman, but that seems like an acceptable wait time for stealing a look, right?

I have a feeling Kris has had her eye on that dress ever since she saw it on JLo.

And upon closer inspection, you can actually see a tag still attached to the dress Kris wore on Sunday.

And if you really want to be a detective about it, you'll see the dresses actually do have a very slightly different pattern to them. (But they're still essentially identical.)

Conclusion? Kris Jenner purchased the knock-off of JLo's designer red carpet dress. That, or it was all just a coincidence. But is it ever a coincidence with Kris?

In addition to this fashion crime, Kris also had a moment where she basically revealed she had no idea what the ACLU is.

You're killing us, Kris. You're killing us.