Kourtney K And Kris Jenner Are On The Cutest Mom-Daughter Bonding Vacay

by Alexa Mellardo

Kourtney Kardashian and momager Kris Jenner are posting some serious mommy-daughter bonding pictures this holiday weekend.

It's safe to say I'm definitely living vicariously through their insanely beautiful tropical getaway.

Kourtney K revealed she's in Capri in one of her Instagram posts, and I'm totally not jealous of this Italian oasis snap ONE BIT.

That ~yacht life~, though (is really where I want to be right now).

This star-studded mommy-daughter duo is downright trendy AF. Just look at them working their chic ensembles while they chill it up on a boat.

Here's Kourtney, posing in a red truck with the breathtaking European backdrop behind her.

OH, and the real MVP Kris Jenner is looking like a boss as they explore the island.

It really looks like Kourtney and Kris are having an incredible bonding time on this vacay. Do it UP, ladies.