Everyone's Using Kim Kardashian's Armed Robbery To Make Fun Of Taylor Swift

by Eitan Levine

Did Taylor Swift hire a crime lord to hunt down Kim Kardashian?  In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint some time early Monday morning in France.

Details are still coming in, but it appears whoever did this held her at gunpoint before tying her up, gagging her and locking her in the bathroom.

The thieves then proceeded to steal $10 million worth of jewelry before making their grand escape.

The worst part: Taylor Swift is behind it all.

Well, that's what the internet thinks at least.

In the moments following the kidnapping, it seems the web has universally decided that if anybody would try and pull off this move, it would be Taylor Swift.

Yup, innocent, squeaky, cherubic, absolutely harmless, Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift wasn't playing with Kim tonight pic.twitter.com/30VeD8RYjo — (@tastedyou) October 3, 2016

I feel the need to point out there is obviously no way this actually happened. Taylor isn't a diabolical monster and this was a very serious crime that took place.

Someone could have died and for the internet to treat it so lightly isn't right.

That being said, if she DID do it, it wouldn't be the craziest theory in the world.

The video Kimmy released of Taylor's conversation with Kanye about those infamous "Famous" lyrics gives her motive and her having literally all the money ever gives her the means.

Plus, with Kanye away in New York performing at The Meadows, she had opportunity.

This was all the info Twitter needed to essentially convict Taylor with armed robbery.

News: #KimKardashian robbed held at gun point at a Paris hotel Taylor Swift:pic.twitter.com/sW37fMb0ml — Cárlos Villanūevá (@The_luccky_one) October 3, 2016

So yeah, once again, there's no way Taylor was behind this. Maybe don't turn this Kardashian situation into an awful joke, Twitter?

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