Kim Kardashian Transformed Saint West Into The Cutest Bumblebee On Snapchat


Saint West isn't even a year old and he's already significantly better at Snapchat than you are.

One of the benefits of following Kim Kardashian on Snapchat is you get random cameos from North and Saint.

They usually come at some extravagant party or gathering, they usually involve a bunch of filters and they're usually adorable as hell.

If there was ever a modern debate about “nature vs. nurture,” I think it would mostly surround Kim K's snaps. Are Saint and North just simply genetically better than everyone else at posting to the web or have they been raised to be this socially dominant by their iconic mother?

These are the questions the philosophers of 2016 ponder.

North and Saint made cameos in her story over the weekend, and I don't think they could BEE any cuter.

Really BEEutiful stuff.

Get it?

It's because they're bees.

Earlier in the day North was also straight up doggin' on Kim's snaps.

This is far from North's first foray into the social media world.

Last year, she made her Twitter debut, hijacking Kim's account to send out this heartfelt letter to her fans.

She's also made repeated appearances on Kim's Snapchat over the past year.

More North and Saint West on Kim Kardashian's Snapchat, PLZKTHNX.

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