The NRA Threw So Much Shade In A Tweet About Kim Kardashian's Armed Robbery


*Sigh.* Not that anybody asked them to respond, but the NRA has officially weighed in on Kim Kardashian's robbery in France.

Reports are still coming in but from what we know Kim Kardashian was the subject of an armed robbery on Monday morning.

She was allegedly bound and gagged, locked in a bathroom and had $10 million worth of jewelry stolen from her.

There haven't been any arrests made in conjunction with the robbery, which means the criminals are still at large and probably armed wandering around France.

Oh! Wait! Everyone shhhh! The NRA is speaking up about this!

I know in the past they've been known to be sort of abrasive on issues relating to gun control right after shootings and other gun-related public tragedies, but maybe this time they'll rise above their group's agenda and just wish the family best wishes after Kim almost died.

Well, NRA. What do you have to say?


Cool. They are still a bunch of garbage trolls trying to capitalize on the the potential death of a mother in order to push their group's wonky ideology that arming everyone in France would somehow fix terrorism.

Just to recap:

Kim Kardashian, who has two very young children, was held at gunpoint in a foreign country that has struggled with terrorism over the past few years, just days after being allegedly sexually assaulted by a man who picked up Gigi Hadid in the street and started running.

She was tied up and gagged before being thrown into a bathroom and robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry, part of which was her engagement ring, and the NRA's response is a sarcastic “Does anyone know if they passed a background check first?"

I think I speak for all of us when I say whoever the NRA's social media intern can go f*ck himself.


I mean, who can blame them? Why stop at one thoughtless tweet when you can solidify yourselves as the Kings and Queens of dick-baggery by doubling down on your total inability to read the room?


They even made a point to retweet some fun Second Amendment (PEW PEW) talking points in the wake of this almost-murder.


The funniest part is that literally nobody was making this a case for gun control.

This is purely the NRA hearing the word "gun" and then getting all "DON'T TREAD ON ME!" without anybody else equating this to a Second Amendment rights debate.

It's like when Netflix yells at me to watch "Blackfish" every time I log in because I watched "Pirates of The Caribbean" once a year ago.

Yeah, I get that they both have water in them I guess, but that's pretty much where all the similarities end, Netflix!

JUST CHILL OUT, THE NRA! Stop making this about yourself!

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