Kim Kardashian Gives Rob A 'Baby Boot Camp' In Sweet New 'Rob & Chyna' Clip

Rob and Kim Kardashian aren't the poster children for familial love, and their relationship really didn't get any better once Blac Chyna came into the picture.

Back in March, Kim called the two "petty as fuck" for all of their social media drama.

But it seems these two kissed and made up just in time for his TV show that came out earlier this month, "Rob & Chyna."


The couple got together in January this year, got engaged three months later and are now expecting their first child.

I can't even tell a guy I like him after six months of dating him, but I guess that's why I'm not a Kardashian.

In this teaser for the new episode, Kim gives Rob a "baby boot camp" and trains him on all of the basics needed to raise his baby.


What important information does she want Rob to know before Blac Chyna's water breaks?

  1. "The baby will be throwing up on you."
  2. "You need hand sanitizer at all times."
  3. "You know when the baby's first born they, like, poop out tar?"

"Wait, what?" he asks Kim. Same, Rob, same. I mean I'd be hella stressed too if I had to deal with tar poop.

In another clip, Kim teaches her brother how to swaddle a baby, and he seems to get the hang of it a little bit more. Rob says,

I'm definitely happy with the progress I'm making, and I'm sure once I have my baby in my hands, I'm gonna figure it out and be a great dad.

Kim agrees,

Nothing will really prepare you for this.

Who knew the woman Rob used to call the "bitch from 'Gone Girl'" would have such sound parenting advice?

With kids as cute as North and Saint West, I'd want Kim to teach me how to raise my children, too.

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