Makeup Artists Review Kim K's Powder Contour Kit & Their Reactions Are Surprising

by Katie Corvino
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

TODAY IS THE DAY, YOU GUYS. Kim Kardashian's powder contour kits drop at 12 p.m. PST on Aug. 22 and I couldn't be more excited. The 36-year-old mother of two has been teasing her new highlight and contour kit for weeks, so it's about freakin' time. If you're looking to add a little highlight to your cheekbones (or give the illusion that you have cheekbones, period) then you're probably counting down the minutes until the product drops. If you're not sold, however, then perhaps these reviews of Kim Kardashian's powder contour kits will help you make up your mind. LIKE, IS THIS SH*T REALLY WORTH 50-SOMETHING BUCKS? Time to find out!

Makeup artist Nikkie De Jager gave a pretty in-depth review of the product on her YouTube channel (NikkieTutorials) and it's actually kind of surprising. You see, Nikkie is overall pretty satisfied with the contour kit, but she did critique Kim K's bronzer for the light skintone set.

According to Nikkie, the bronzer is "too warm and intense" for people who have fair skintones. The YouTube star actually had to cool down the color with face powder and decided to use her own brush instead of the one that came with Kim K's kits. Nikkie explained the contouring process was faster and blending was easier when she used her own brush, so like... that sucks for Kim, lol.

Nikkie did admit she was "obsessed" with the highlight, so it wasn't all bad. She put it on her cheekbones and I literally was blinded by her face. It looks bomb, not gonna lie. Nikkie even suggested Kim K sell the highlight on its own because it's THAT great.

Makeup artist Gabriel Zamora gave a review of the product, too, but his seemed to suggest quite the opposite. Zamora loved the contour and bronzer colors and thought they were really pretty, but actually said he'd pass on the highlights.

According to the YouTuber, Kim K's powder contour kit is perfect for someone who is just starting to get into makeup and wants an easy contour. However, if you already contour your face on the reg, Kim K's kit might be pretty similar to what you already own. On top of that, Zamora didn't seem to be a big fan of Kim K's brush – he doesn't think it's necessary and doesn't like dual-ended brushes because one side gets dirty and might lose the shape when being stored.

Zamora does remind his followers that "makeup is subjective," so if you want to try Kim K's new kit, THEN JUST FREAKING DO IT, OK?!

Kim K, I'm about to buy your powder and go HAM on my face. WHO'S WITH ME?!