Kim Kardashian's New Powder Contour Kit Is Pricier Than We Thought

by Jamie LeeLo

Hey, guys. I'm sorry, I can't talk right now. I know you're wondering, "Hey, how much is Kim Kardashian's new contour kit?" and I'd love to tell you the answer, but I'm way too busy pawning off all of my jewelry, donating plasma, and searching my couch for coins to talk right now. I'll have to get back to you.

Just kidding. I can't afford this contour kit even if I won the lottery.

Kim Kardashian is selling her new powder products for quite a lot of money and it has me shook. It's like, I'm trying to be the ultimate fan and give her all of my money, I just don't have any left!

Kim has been teasing the release of the new palettes since early August, and the day finally arrived that the world learned what it needs to cough up if it wants the ultimate cheekbones. Her previous cream contour kit went for $48, and now the sister powder palette is going for $52. That's a $4 difference, America! Come on, Kim! Why are you upping the price?

Still, where there's a will, there's a way, so I'm sure fans will still be down to splurge on her new powder contour kits. We know that Kim's biggest fans have been saving up ever since KKW Instagram released this simple, elegant tease.

Oh, we're ready, Kim. We're so, so ready. The star teased the product again on Instagram Thursday, Aug. 17, but this time included the price.

She captioned it,

KKW BEAUTY Powder Contour & Highlight Kits with the new brush available Aug 22nd for $52

Yes, Kim! It looks like we got another answer, too. We now know when Kim will drop her new powder contour kits: Aug. 22, everybody. Save the date.

Either way, we're positive her website is going to crash under the pressure of a billion purchases while we all wait with bated breath to see if our student loans transferred successfully out of our bank accounts and into her pocket. So excited to lose all my money! Thanks, Kim.