Kim Kardashian Reveals What's Helped Her 'Live Her Life' After Paris Robbery

by Adam Silvers

Since she was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room last October, Kim Kardashian has had a rough road in returning to her normal life.

However, it appears the 36-year-old reality star recently took a huge step in that process thanks to a conversation she had with author Betty J. Eadie.

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter Wednesday night to tell her millions of followers how the author, who wrote a book about a near-death experience, helped give her some great perspective on her own life after the Paris robbery.


In the above tweet, Kim K wrote,

Today was such a good day! I spoke to my favorite author @BettyJEadie. This seriously made my soul smile! I feel so enlightened by our convo!

I think it's safe to assume Kim Kardashian might see a lot of parallels between Eadie's book "Embraced by the Light" and her own traumatic experience.

Kim tweeted about the book and how it's helped her live her life.


In the above tweet, the 36-year-old wrote,

I've read her book Embraced by the Light, that is about her near death experience & it's helped me live my life in such a full way.

Kardashian asked her legions of fans on Twitter if they've ever read Eadie's book. She also wanted to know about another book, "The Awakening Heart," written by the same author.


Kardashian wrote,

Has anyone read it? What about her other book The Awakening Heart? I'm gonna get it and read it. Will let you guys know how it is!

It's really awesome to know Kim Kardashian has found something tangible to help her get through the trauma of the Paris robbery.

Eadie's story and words clearly speak to Kim K and will hopefully make a huge difference moving forward.


Taking things one step further, Kim K also snapped a picture of Betty J. Eadie's "Embraced by the Light."


We're all rooting for you, Kim!

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