7 Pics Of Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson That Show Real Love

by Laura Rizzo
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have been on everyone's radar as the "it couple" of the moment.

We just can't look away. They're adorable, affectionate, and try to keep their romance under wraps on social media which makes us that much more interested.

The Cleveland Cavaliers player and Good American denim designer seem to adore each other, and Khloé Kardashian even told ES Magazine that she's "never been in this type of love."

Their adorableness radiates in photos, so here are seven pics that show their real love.

Note: Being from Michigan, I have a sworn dislike of Ohio, but for Tristan's dimples, I can make an exception.

The man has cake right in front of him and still can't take his eyes off Khloé! Pictures of these two always have a lot of eye contact (and heat).

I love how fixated they seem on each other. If you can't distract your man from cake, you need a new man.

No, it's not the matching fur coats that have us obsessing, it's the timing of the photo. A Christmas day couple post is the modern day equivalent of a joint holiday card – it means something! The duo have been very close since September 2016, and hopefully this is just the beginning of many more holidays together.

*Swoon* This kiss isn't just the signature "sexy" Khloé. It's sweet, passionate, and looks like there's a lot of love behind it. Plus, PDA photos on social media show they're not shy about being together.

This couple costume has us shook. This took time, communication, and coordination, much like a relationship. Going to have to step up my costume game from "nudist on strike."

When your friends approve, you know you've found the one. I love that Khloé and Tristan spend time with each other's families and friends. Romance isn't all matching fur coats: you've got to live life together, too. Being friend-approved is one of the first steps toward walking down the aisle (fingers crossed).

It's all about how you act when no one's watching, and this pic says it all. Pure happiness from both of them. What's better? Being squeezed by Tristan or having Khlo's perfect braids?

This picture is a nice little sneak peek at a real couple moment. You know when your BF says something dumb and you're trying not to laugh? Haha me either, but this is how I imagine it.