Kevin Hart Was So Scared In A Haunted House With Jimmy Fallon, He Farted

Look, from the second you start watching the above clip of Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon on a recent segment from "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," you know it's not going to end well for these cats.

I mean, when two grown men have GoPros strapped to themselves, shit is going to hit the fan sooner or later.


Anyway, as you can see in the clip above, Fallon and Hart enter a haunted house and get immediately spooked by the music and loud sounds.

Less than a minute in, Jimmy Fallon hears some sort of snake thing and screams, which prompts Kevin Hart to say,

Come on, Jimmy, you making it worse! You making it worse, man.

Obviously, though, the worst was still to come. If some creepy looking dude told me to step inside the Blood Manor, I'd turn around and run screaming from the building.

Fallon and Hart didn't do that, though, and that's where shit started to get really weird. All hell starts breaking loose! Ghoulish looking creatures start popping out of the woodwork!


Then, about two minutes in, just as you're starting to get scared watching this video, Kevin Hart reveals a rather embarrassing tidbit about passing gas. Hart says to Fallon,

Hey, Jimmy, I farted. I had gas.

Hey, we've all been there, Kev. This haunted house would've scared a lot of people shitless so a little flatulence isn't all that bad, really.

Check out all the craziness in the clip above.

Credit to "The Tonight Show" staff for creating arguably the scariest haunted house you'll see this Halloween season. And kudos to Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart for making it through this maze of treachery relatively unscathed.


For the record, I'm not a fan of roller coasters, haunted houses or anything of the sort so farting probably would've been the least of the embarrassing reactions this spooky setting elicited from me.

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