Kesha's Fans Are Calling "Godzilla" Their New Favorite Love Song And It's Adorable

by Katie Corvino

I've already accepted I'm gonna die alone, but Kesha's new song "Godzilla" makes me want to find the closest human and make out with their face until we fall in love. I'm serious, Kesha's Rainbow album is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it's freaking me out. If you haven't listened to her new songs yet, then LMAO, WTF ARE YOU DOING? If you want my advice, start at the end. Kesha's "Godzilla" lyrics are so, so romantic and that song will make you want to make love to anything with a pulse.

The song opens like this,

What do you get when you take Godzilla to the mall? He scares all the children and shreds all the pillows And knocks over walls His emerald eyes, they sparkle and shine As he eats the food court and steals half my fries That's what you get when you take Godzilla to the mall

OK, OK, OK. Let's break this down. Kesha is on a date with Godzilla. They are at the mall. Everyone is afraid of Godzilla, but he sounds kind of hot. They eat fries and everything in the food court. The perfect date? I think so.

The lyrics continue,

What do you get when you take Godzilla to meet your mom? He rings the bell and she looks out the window, and calls the cops I try to explain that he's mostly tame As long as there's pizza and video games That's what you get when you take Godzilla to meet your mom While everyone else is running and screaming I just love being with you I guess they don't see all the things that I'm seein' That make you so uniquely you, you, you, you What do you get when you meet Godzilla and fall in love?

OK, OK, OK. Now we're getting somewhere. This just took a romantic turn and wow, my heart is on fire. This whole song is about falling in love with someone who is misjudged by the world. Everyone is afraid of Godzilla, probably because he's a 10-foot tall giant lizard who destroys buildings and lights sh*t on fire. But people are so distracted by his appearance, they don't get the chance to really know who he is inside. And according to Kesha, that person is pretty damn great. Of course, "Godzilla" is a metaphor (unless Kesha is into giant lizards? Maybe this is a thing?) so don't look too much into the name. It's more about ignoring what haters are saying and trusting your heart when it comes to love.


I'm not the only one who's obsessing over this song. Kesha's fans on Twitter are in love with it.

Kesha, you are the sweetest ball of sunshine in the world and I'm in love with you. Thanks for making me cry all morning.