Here's The 11-Minute At-Home Workout Kendall Jenner Uses To Stay In Shape


Eleven minutes of modified yoga every day and bing bang boom you'll look like Kendall Jenner in zero time. It's THAT easy.

At least, that's what I assume based on this post Kendall put up on her website today. According to Jenner, in order to stay in shape, she makes sure to put in 11 minutes of a specialized at-home workout.


Because it's on her app, we legally can't show you screenshots from it. However, I'm a pretty mediocre artist so I thought I would do you all a service and illustrate what she does.

You should probably just buy access to her app though...

1. Forearm Plank

Elite Daily

Hold for 30 seconds, and make sure to keep your hips straight.

2. High Plank

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Hold for 30 seconds, and make sure to have your shoulders right above your wrists.

3. Side Plank

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Hold this bad boy for 15 seconds. Make sure to keep your body straight!

4. Side Plank With Crunch

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Do five reps on each side to make sure you get MAXIMUM TONAGE!!!

5. Single Arm Leg Plank

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Do this for 15 seconds, alternating one limb at a time.

6. Leg Lift

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Repeat 15 times on each leg!

7. Twisted Crunch

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Remember to hit the floor with your elbow on each twist!

8. Frog Crunch

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Kendall wants you to experimenting with butt-balancing.

9. Vertical Crunch

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With your arms and legs in the sky, make sure to pulse for 20 seconds.

10. Bicycle Crunch


Make a bicycle movement with your legs for 30 seconds. For an added difficulty setting, you can play with speed adjustments during the reps.

11. Standard Crunch

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Nothing fancy. Just 20 meat n' taters ab crunches.

12. Knee To Elbow Plank

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Make your knee touch your elbow five times. Good luck.

13. Rocking Plank

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Shift weight from the front of your body to the back.

Have fun being Kendall!