Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid Went NSFW For This Sexy New Photo Shoot

by Taylor Ortega

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are some of Love magazine's favorite muses, and their latest photo shoot is proof these women are more than models.

The trio posed for black and white shots with such soulful expression it's easy to discern their thoughts without them uttering a single word.

Kendall Jenner

Oh, hey. I'm just going for a drive, which is a thing I do all the time. I'm always driving myself like a casual person who can't afford to hire a second human being to operate her vehicles… What's that? Oh yeah, I totally smoke cigarettes. Problem is, they make me really sweaty…? I'm not sure why. It's like, a thing I made a doctor's appointment for but never really followed up on, because I realized if I just wear underwear in the car and keep the windows rolled down, I can smoke as many of these as I want. They are very good. I love lighting them. I love holding them… What do you mean 'inhale'? Yeah, I know how to smoke a cigarette. *takes a pull through her left nostril* Delicious.

Gigi Hadid

Oh, sup? Yeah, I found my phone. It was in the reptile house, LOL. I hung it on a railing while I was trying to speak parseltongue to a fat boa constrictor who turned out to just be a line of school children. So, duh, I need a smoke break. Can you hold my boobs for a sec? I don't want to drop them, but my cigarette is in my silver jean diaper. *pulls a cigarette out of her diaper* Fashion is my life.

Bella Hadid

Heyyyyy. Yeah, no, I'm ready to go whenever you are. These --  yeah, these are the pants I'm wearing to the funeral. No, I don't think they're 'inappropriate.' Can you actually just give me some space and let me finish my really good cigarette? I need it to relax and you're piling a lot of negativity on me right now… What do you mean I have to 'light it'? Look, I really don't appreciate the attitude. I know how a fucking cigarette works. Cigarettes are my favorite thing. I love them. *takes a bite of the cigarette* Needed that.

Amazing. Breathtaking. Transcendent. Fresh. Timeless. Bold. Savage. Yas. Mama. Werk.

A new era in fashion has dawned, boys and girls, and it is called 1993.

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