Kendall Jenner Casually Scored Free Lyft Rides After Getting Banned By Uber

by Alexa Mellardo

Our girl Kendall Jenner is seriously coming in STRONG.

She didn't let this Uber ban situation cramp her vibe one bit, and I'm giving her major props for that.

We recently reported Kim Kardashian threw some shade directly at Uber following Kendall's ban, referring to her younger sister as a "model passenger."

Uber, what's GOOD?! Why did you ban Kendall from your services?!

We really need to KNOW ... Like, ASAP.

Well, let me just drop in here, Kendall took to Snapchat to give a major shoutout to Lyft.

Oh, snap. Lyft totally hooked the 20-year-old model up with some free rides.

Dog filter and all, Kendall said in her Snapchat video,

Hi guys, I just got in my Lyft. I'm so excited, thank you Lyft for the free rides and for taking care of me.

Kendall totally rose above all of this Uber drama, and I'd say it worked out in her favor in the end. I think we're all about that free ride life.

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