Kendall Jenner Painted Wall Pink To Curb Appetite


Gone are the days of skipping meals through willpower, drug use and shame: Today's models are keeping their figures brink-of-death thin with the help of ya boy Sherwin Williams.

On Kendall Jenner's app, geared toward the hordes of young men and women who already devour the content on Kenny's other social media platforms, the Victoria's Secret model shared the story behind her singular pink wall.

Kendall told followers,

Amen, right? Anything to not only keep us docile, but make it a skosh more difficult to perform human functions necessary to our survival.

Another hot tip: You can get even thinner by eating only Baker-Miller Pink paint. That one's on me. You're welc.

If you're interested in a bit of the research behind Baker-Miller Pink's effect on human behavior and the history of its use in prisons and other institutions as it relates to cognition, check out the video linked below.

If you're interested in discovering new, innovative ways to skip meals and look just like Kendall, consider visiting this link instead, or literally DM me on Twitter and we can chat.

I have so much time. Like, an embarrassing amount of time. I promise.

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