Here's How To Cop Kendall Jenner's $9K Birthday Look

Happy birthday, Kendall Jenner! You can finally purchase alcohol legally!  The model and reality TV star turned 21 on Thursday, November 3, and of course there was a celebration.

I don't know about you, but my 21st birthday was epic -- I only cried for two hours of it.

Jenner and her buddies hung out at Delilah in Los Angeles, and Kendall Jenner looked absolutely flawless.


And her whole ensemble only cost her *SPITS OUT DRINK* $9,000?!

This is embarrassing...

I invited all of my friends, family and those who wronged me to a themed party (the theme is "Hope, We Were Wrong About You. You Do Have It Together"), and I said I would be wearing this exact outfit.

Just how am I going to pull off copying the Antoine Salameh designed dress that's coated in Swarovski crystals?!

Readers, you underestimate me. I've been broke AF for years. I got this.

Fake *clap* it *clap* 'til *clap* you *clap* make *clap* it *clap* ladies!

First, let's cover your naked body with some fabrics AKA the dress.

While Kendall dropped $9,000 on the custom dress and sent reference images to the designer, we do not have the time nor the money for such things.

We turn to trusty online shopping.

Replace crystals with sequins.


Sure, sure. Sequin's are the poor man's crystals, but think of this: You'll look like a cool combination of a mermaid and Kendall Jenner.

From behind, it's basically the same.


This bad boy will only set you back $56, and you can order it from ASOS.

Something more modest but in the same vein?


I mean, of course my body looks like Kendall Jenner's, but uh... it's getting chilly out, OK?

This dress costs $52.62 and is available off of ASOS.

If you're really envying that plunge...

Love Culture

This little number will save you $8,940.05. It's from Love Culture for just $59.95.



That $9,000 price tag was hard to swallow, so why not go homemade and order this choker from Etsy for just $15?

Etsy? You won't regret-sy it.