Katy Perry's VICELAND Therapist Reveals Details About Their Intense Session — EXCLUSIVE

by Billy Lorusso
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Pop megastar. California Gurl. Confident leader of the Katy Cats. It's 2017 and if you don't know who Katy Perry is, then you don't belong on the internet.

During a 72-hour-long promotional livestream for her new album Witness (which, btw, debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200) Perry sat down for an episode of VICELAND's The Therapist with licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh to talk about how she feels her musical persona has consumed her life and how she is working hard to reclaim her self-identity and authenticity.

Elite Daily had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Singh to learn more about his session with Perry.

Since her first sexy and scandalous commercial bop in 2008, "I Kissed A Girl," Perry's career has been nothing short of amazing. Sold out shows, multi-platinum certified albums, and a feature-length film are just a few of the many accomplishments Queen Katy has to brag about at only 32 years old.

Her 2010 album, Teenage Dream, skyrocketed her into superstardom and made Perry the definition of a household name.

But, while she was on the lips of fans, record label executives, and tabloid reporters everywhere, another name seemed to be erased: Katheryn Hudson, her birth name.

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During her session with Dr. Singh, the pop star revealed Katy is a strong persona, she said, "I built up this Katy Perry thing that everybody knows... and it's fantastic, but it's more of a facade."

She went on to say she "so badly want[s] to be Katheryn Hudson that [she doesn't] even want to look like Katy Perry anymore sometimes, and that is a little bit of why [she] cut [her] hair, is because [she] really want[s] to be [her] authentic self."


I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Singh about how he feels Katheryn Hudson is working to reclaim an identity that's been overshadowed by one of our generation's most notable celebrities.

I asked Dr. Singh how Katy and Katheryn can co-exist. He looked at Katheryn's relationship with Katy Perry and her newfound sense of self-awareness and came up with a few scenarios for how Katy and Katheryn can exist within the same person.

He told me,

[T]here's choices of how she's going to utilize [the] awareness that came within the session. Either she can integrate and become a whole new configuration where Katy will become more vulnerable, more present. Because when I saw Katy interviewing, I never saw an arrogance, but I saw sort of an elevated sense of self. And so with Katheryn integrated into Katy, she may become a little bit more vulnerable, a little bit more present, a little bit more accessible. She could also continue to be Katy when she walks out of the house and come home and be Katheryn. That's a whole other configuration. But Katheryn can have more time and can develop friends and go on outings and, you know, do her therapy and be present and get into her hobbies and her interests. So it's gonna be her choice of how she uses that awareness that came up in the session.

The VICELAND therapist elaborated on this when he spoke to me about the "one thing that didn't come out in the session": the four archetypal presences that exist in women.

Dr. Singh talked about his pre-session phone call with the "Swish Swish" singer and how they discussed the goddess/priestess, the self, the mother, and the companion, before focusing specifically on Katheryn's archetypal presences,

The priestess who is Katy Perry – that's the goddess. There's the self – that's Katheryn Hudson. There is the mother. She talked about the mother – that she hadn't found anyone as of yet that she wanted to have a child with ... And the other is the companion, which we also didn't get into. So all of those are different presences and each one requires time and attention.

He went on to say,

You can be very evolved as the goddess, that's who gets all the attention – Katy Perry. But what about the mother? That's gonna take some time. The companion? That's time, too. She has to start taking the dating seriously. If she's going to be a mother she's got to really put some energy into that to find the right man to father her child. So, you can be successful in one arena and not successful in another arena, but that doesn't mean that you're a failure. [B]ecause she has the formula. Anybody who can become as mega as Katy Perry, as we say in the session, has the formula for success. Now all she has to do is apply that same formula to Katheryn, to the mother, and to the companion.

While watching Katy's The Therapist episode, you can see her moments of catharsis, especially as she often talks about the "goofball" she knows Katheryn Hudson is. It is clear Dr. Singh helped her understand how she can better nurture herself as Katheryn, while still holding on to Katy Perry's confidence and strength.

So, as a follow-up to my questions about what Katheryn learned from Dr. Singh, I asked the doctor what he learned from his time with Katheryn. Without missing a beat, he responded,

There's just so many things I learned from her ... That greatness can also be accompanied with humility. I think there's a great humility with Katy Perry and I was very respectful of that. And that's what I consistently aspire to – you can win the world but you don't want to lose your soul. I got also that you can be very evolved in certain aspects of your life and other aspects are not as evolved, and how that can create such – can sever the psyche and cause mental, emotional pain. So it gave me actually more compassion for my own self and arenas of my life that are not as developed as certain areas are. So it was a pleasure to sit with her, such an evolved being on planet Earth.

I asked Dr. Singh one final question before we ended our chat: "Moving forward, what is some advice you'd give Katy Perry/Katheryn Hudson?"

He responded with, "[S]he has the formula and just continues her work. We all have work to do, and I think Katheryn is doing the work and I'm very respectful of her."

Well said, Dr. Singh. I, for one, can't wait to see how Katy continues to show us the real Katheryn. If Witness is any indication of what her more vulnerable self looks like, I'm 100 percent here for it.