Katy Perry Accuses Niall Horan Of Flirting With Her And His Response Is Savage

by Laura Rizzo
Getty Images/Dave Hogan for One Love Manchester

Katy Perry has been off the rails during interviews lately, in my opinion. It's like someone turned off the "consequences" button in her brain. So when she humblebragged about Niall Horan trying to get her phone number, he had the best response.

These two go way back. When Horan first appeared on X Factor in 2010, Perry was the deciding vote that kept him around, MTV recalled. How cute is this throwback to his audition?

E! News reported Perry was recently on an Australian radio show when she said,

Niall's amazing, I love him, and I think we feel very connected in a way because, I, like have helped him get through The X Factor to join his group.

Already, I'm not liking this. Please don't low-key try to get me to thank you for Niall Horan. She went on,

He's become a big star and I'm like, 'Cool, I guess that means I have taste?' I don't know what that means.

OK, "big star" is a bit of an understatement. I honestly can't with this humblebrag. You guess you have taste? Do you want me to remind you of the giant contract you have with American Idol?

She then concluded by saying,

I see him around all the time. He's always trying to like, get my number, to like, maybe flirt with me but I'm like, 'I could babysit you. I'm like your mom!'

First off, if Niall Horan asks for your phone number you thank fate for putting you in a room with Niall Horan.

Horan was apparently not feeling this interview either. He responded on an Australian television news show,

Katy, please stop being mean to me. She's just finding any excuse now to just patronize me and go around spreading rumors about me. I just want to be your friend!

He added,

I mean, she is talking like she is about 55 years older than me ...

Thank you! Exactly my thoughts. Horan's response was said in a joking tone, but I would've added an eye roll.

I'm interested to see what comes out of Perry's mouth next. TBH, I secretly love it and can't wait to see who she name drops next.