People In China Call Katy Perry 'Fruit Sister' And It's F*cking Bizarre

This is going to sound weird, but in China, people call Katy Perry "Fruit Sister."

You might wonder, "Why do they call her this?"

Simply, it's because she can often be seen wearing fruit-related outfits. She has been spotted wearing a watermelon dress and rode on top of a giant banana during a show.

Basically, it would come as no surprise if Perry dressed as the Chiquita girl during her next concert.

So, if you want to talk about Katy Perry without directly saying her name, you can call her "Fruit Sister."

Aren't you glad you know this totally useful piece of information now?

Perry isn't the only celebrity with an odd nickname in Asia. Benedict Cumberbatch is called "Curly Blessing." Nicki Minaj is known as "Numbing-Spicy Chicken," because of how hot she is.

Adam Levine is referred to as "Flirty Adam," for fairly obvious reasons. Mariah Carey is known as "Cow Sister," which is meant as a compliment, believe it or not.

Ariana Grande is called "Little Cow," because she reminds people of Mariah Carey.

Jennifer Lawrence is known as "Cousin," and Justin Timberlake is simply called "Boss," because of his varied investments.

And my favorite one of all is Leonardo DiCaprio's nickname. The people of Taiwan call him "Pikachu."

That's because a news anchor couldn't pronounce his name during a 2011 broadcast. He called him "Pikachu" instead, and it stuck in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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