Kanye Says Obama Lied About Not Having His Home Phone Number (Video)

Kanye was leaving LAX on Friday as his normal barrage of fans and TMZ cameramen harassed the sh*t out of him.

Just another normal day for Ye.

That's when a member of the press decided to ask Kanye if he had heard about President Obama's latest interview with Jimmy Kimmel. In the interview, Barack said he's only met Yeezus twice and has never actually called him.

Mr. West seemed to laugh off the idea the president doesn't have his number. He told the paparazzi Barack has, in fact, called his house before.

He then told the cameraman not to pit the two (Obama and Kanye) against each other.

Who knows if the president actually has Kanye's personal number... It's sort of a "he said, he said" battle right now.

But, honestly, who are you going to believe: Kanye West or the president of the United States?

Actually, please don't answer that.