Justin Bieber Wore Old Navy To An Oscars Party Because He’s Officially Given Up

by Eitan Levine

It's safe to assume Justin Bieber does not give a sweet frick anymore. Last night was Hollywood's biggest night of the year.

The Oscars bring an entire industry based around glitz and glam together to see who exactly is the glitziest and who doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what it means to be glam.

While the Oscars red carpet is the main area for Hollywood's heaviest hitters to show off their outfits, the legendary after parties is where the real fashion show begins.

Justin Bieber doesn't care, though. No, Justin Bieber is too cool for Oscars parties. Right, Justin?!?! Yeahhhh! If there is one thing that Justin *sigh* Bieber hates to do, it's *sigh* embrace social trends to advance his own career.

Yeah! And if you need any proof, this is what he wore to Vanity Fair's Oscars event in Beverly Hills.

Instead of dressing in a tuxedo, or even just a mediocre suit, the 22-year-old singer decided to show up to Vanity Fair's party wearing about $24-worth of Old Navy clothing.

(Unless Old Navy recently rebranded themselves as New Navy and has multiplied the price of their clothes by 6,000 percent in order to pay for the upgrades, that is.)

It's been an odd few months for Justin, especially when it comes to his aesthetics. Long gone are the days when Bieber was just known as a cherubic-looking vocal dynamo with a soft smile and hair that looked like painted-on caramel.

That era is over. For now on, we have to deal with a Justin Bieber who is wayyyyy too confident and committed in his style choices.

Like the time he desecrated the New York Rangers by rocking this super weird dreadlock look.


Or that time he dyed his hair, but forgot about his roots. Those were the days.

I don't know about you guys, but I miss the old Justin.