Justin Bieber's Little Brother Had So Much Swag On His First Day Of School

Well, it's pretty obvious who is going to be the "cool kid" in class this year.

You guessed it: Justin Bieber's lil' bro. The kid's got more style than I'll ever have.

Jaxon Bieber, the 6-year-old fashion guru and half brother of the "Love Yourself" singer, had his first day of school yesterday, and the Biebers' father, Jeremy, posted a picture on Twitter to document the moment.


Jeremy, I would be a proud father, too.

His hat has his name embroidered into it, and he's flaunting earrings in both ears, which is SO rad.

Damn. I wish I was that cool when I was 6.

There's no doubt Jaxon's got some big shoes to fill, but by the looks of it, he won't let his big brother overshadow him, especially on the fashion front.

Beliebers approve of the mini style icon and are even beginning to call him "Justin 2.0."

But wait! We can't forget about Justin's half sister, Jazmyn, who also took on her first day of school in style.

There's no doubt any spawn of the Bieber family will be stylish AF, no matter the age.

Justin, keep it up. You're a style icon for your sibs.