Justin Bieber May Be Dating Kendall Jenner And People Are Freaking Out (Photos)


Throughout history, international peace was kept by having the royal families of different nations intermarry. The idea was: You're not going to war with your father-in-law.

It's not very different now. In the modern era, our royalty (celebrities) date or marry in order to consolidate their power (ex: Brangelina).

Sometimes though, celebrities just post vague pictures of themselves together and let the public go nuts wondering if they'll date or not.

This is one of those times, guys.

Justin Bieber posted ambiguous Instagram photos of himself hanging out with Kendall Jenner, a dog and no shirt.

Justin posted this photograph of the two of them in the sun, touching each other and a dog.

Imagine being that dog, though. It has no idea of the international significance of this moment. Dogs are dumb.

And then Kendall posted this picture of her "accidentally" showing us her butt zone.

Are they dating? Who knows. All we know is that they want us to think they might be. Oh, and they also want us to look at their hotness. So look at it!

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