Justin Bieber DMed A Gym To Hit On A Girl And Got Totally Rejected

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Justin Bieber may have lost his way with the ladies. On Wednesday, Aug. 9, Bieber sent a direct message to Fitness on Broughton, a local gym in Savannah, Georgia, asking about a woman who worked there. Bieber had seen a video of the front desk employee, Jessica Gober, promoting an energy drink that was on sale in the gym. Gotta get that pre-workout juice pumping, you guys! The king of pop and one of the most famous humans in the world, Justin Bieber, DMed a gym for Gober and it didn't even phase her. Boom. You're not getting your way this time, Biebs.

This chick must've been freakin' her freak when she noticed those DMs sliding into the gym's inbox. Really exciting? Yes. Worth leaving your boyfriend over? Apparently not. Not even close. Jessica Gober is a strong woman (physically and metaphorically) and I love it!

According to Gober's screenshot of the message, Bieber wrote to the gym,“Who is that girl? In ur latest post,” adding a heart emoji. Aww! Gober, a 22-year-old from Savannah, told Buzzfeed,

We were like, how in the world did he see this random post? We only had 70 followers and had posted five times previous to this.

Shocked by the Bieber message, Gober immediately called her mom and boyfriend. Gober remarked,

My boyfriend and family basically think the same thing I do, that it is very random and shocking. The fact that it has gone viral is not anything we would have ever expected! Everyone was definitely surprised that a celebrity reached out asking who I was.

Once she received the surprising DMs, she immediately took to Twitter.

Then she got all romantic on us, and she dissed Bieber harder than Kanye West dissing T. Swift at the VMAs.

Looks like the only thing Bieber will be sliding into is her inbox. Sorry Biebs, the girl is already taken.