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Justin Bieber Allegedly Hits Photographer With His Car, According To Video Footage

As he was leaving church on Wednesday night, July 26, Justin Bieber allegedly hit a photographer with his car, according to TMZ, and the moment was caught on video. The video appears to show Bieber pulling out of his parking spot when he allegedly ran over the foot of a photographer standing nearby. The video shows Bieber getting out of his car to help the photographer.

Elite Daily reached out to Justin Bieber's team for comment, but did not hear back by time of publication.

Yesterday, it was reported that Bieber canceled his Purpose World Tour due to a “spiritual awakening.” He's reportedly been very involved with the Hillsong Church and wants to further that involvement while taking a break from music and tour life. A source told TMZ Bieber's relationship with the founder of the Hillsong Church, Carl Lentz, is "intense," but “The church didn't tell Justin to cancel the tour. He made his decision based on spiritual soul-searching and his own view of the path in life he should be taking.”

Bieber was not at the Hillsong Church at the time this video appears to have been taken. He was reportedly at the Saban Theater for a City Church event in Beverly Hills. As he was leaving the event, he reportedly got into a large black truck and started to drive slowly out of his parking spot. A photographer standing on the right hand side of the truck seemed to be standing a little too close, and the video appears to show the truck running over his leg. Fans have been reacting to the video on Twitter.

The driver, who appears to be Bieber, immediately stopped and got out of the car to help the man and ask what happened, according to the video. Other photographers, as well as the injured man, are seen detailing the accident to Bieber, who looks concerned. The injured man is seen laying on the ground for most of the video, but he does laugh a little throughout, so it seems like he should be OK. The rest of the video shows the photographers and Bieber waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Near the end of the video, after the ambulance arrives, Bieber speaks with the police, although it's not clear what he's saying. The injured photographer is then put onto a gurney and put in an ambulance.