JoJo Fletcher Won't Fart In Front Of Jordan Rodgers Because Of Her Ex-Boyfriend

by Anna Menta

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are coming up on a one-year-long engagement with no wedding date in sight, leaving Bachelor Nation wondering if maybe reality TV isn't the best way to get engaged.

Seriously, will these two ever actually get married?

I had my doubts, but after hearing this new information from JoJo in her interview with Refinery29, I now feel certain: These two will never actually get married.

Because according to JoJo, she refuses to fart in front of her fiancé.

On the subject of flatulence, the former "Bachelorette" said,

I don't do it in front of [Jordan], he's like, 'What the heck? Why haven't you?'

Um, excuse me?


I don't care how many damn eskimo kisses you give each other, if you won't fart in front of each other, that relationship is not marriage material.

To be fair, JoJo does have a reason: the lack of romance in her previous relationship.

She said,

The one thing I'm gonna try to avoid in this relationship is farting in front of [him]. I was in a relationship before where I would just do whatever. The romance was gone fairly shortly after that. So, maybe that was the problem.

OK... but holding back farts isn't exactly what I'd call the epitome of romance, JoJo.

What, are you just gonna spend the rest of your life clenching and suppressing? That sounds like a horrible life of gastric pain to me, which is pretty much the opposite of romantic.

How romantic is it going to be when you're getting a colonoscopy for denying your body its natural process, hmmm? (This is probably not a real consequence of holding in farts; I am not a doctor.)

I'm honestly baffled JoJo's made it this far without farting, considering they've been living together in Dallas for over six months.

Yet according to JoJo, she hasn't slipped once.

She said,

I'm sure eventually one will slip. But I try not to.

Still, being in discomfort isn't romance, y'all.

If your partner can't handle you at your gassiest, then your partner doesn't deserve you at your best.

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