Joe Jonas Shows Off His Abs And Bulge In Sexy Pics With Charlotte McKinney

by Anna Menta

It's honestly shocking it's taken this long to happen, but Joe Jonas has finally done an underwear ad campaign.

Charlotte McKinney, 23-year-old model of burger-eating fame, got to come too for this sexy photo shoot for GUESS.

Joe and Charlotte modeled the brand's upcoming spring 2017 underwear line in front of photographer Yu Tsai.

Joe told E! News he was nervous but excited for his first-ever underwear shoot.

He said,

It can be a weird thing to be sitting there in your underwear being photographed, but overall I had a blast.

Alright, I promise we're going to get to those new sexy pictures very soon here, but allow me to take a moment to gently roast Joe Jonas for that statement.

I find it very hard to believe Joe Jonas — the man who has taken shirt off for the camera basically every month since 2010, felt uncomfortable in this shoot.

If you don't believe me, check his Instagram.

OK, now let's objectify the heck out of Joe Jonas, shall we?

First of all, um, let's talk about that bulge? Because, wow. WOW.

There's a lot of other stuff going on in this photo, but I'm finding it *hard* to look at anything else.

Like... y'all. That is...damn. Yeah.

I am a little curious as to how he managed to suspend himself at that angle, but I'm guessing the answer is "mad upper body strength."

How is it possible for a human body to be this perfect? And also this shiny?

And don't say "photoshop." DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME!

Hey, uh, Joe, can I borrow that fan for a second? I'm feeling a little overheated for some reason.


Oh, right, Charlotte is in this photo shoot too.

That's nice.

I mean, yes, she too has an incredible body.

But let's be real about who the star of the show is, here.

The 27-year-old DNCE singer told E! News he's been dieting and training for a while to prepare for this shoot.

Well, Joe, let me tell you, it really paid off. It really, really did.

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