We Have A New Favorite Jonas Brother Thanks To This Sexy Shirtless Pic


Sorry, Nick Jonas, but you're really going to need up your shirtless selfie game if you want to remain the favorite Jonas Brother.

I mean, Joe Jonas is straight killing Nick on the shirtless selfie front right now. Look what Joe posted Instagram on Thursday, for instance:

Now THIS is a prime shirtless selfie. The angle, the lighting, the position of the phone and, of course, the abs. There's even an implied promise of more shirtless selfies if you just follow Joe on Snapchat!

If there were a course on taking shirtless selfies, this photo would be pinned to the blackboard for the rest of the class to use as an example.

Nick Jonas, on the other hand, really should try harder to aspire to his brother's standards.

Guess how many shirtless selfies I found when I scrolled through Nick's Instagram? ZERO!

The closest thing I could find is this, which is not a selfie at all.

If someone DOES find a shirtless selfie from Nick, please send it to me so he can be redeemed in my eyes.

Sure, I guess he's busy touring and making music and performing or whatever. I will try to forgive him for this oversight.

But now that Joe's got the ball rolling, I really expect all the Jonas Brothers to follow suit.

Kev, looking at you next, buddy.