Jim Carrey Accused Of Giving Ex-GF 3 STDs, Including Gonorrhea, In Lawsuit

Jim Carrey is accused of giving his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White three sexually transmitted diseases before her suicide last year.

In a wrongful death lawsuit, filed by Ms. White's estranged husband, Mark Burton, lawyers claim [PDF] the movie star gave her herpes type 1, herpes type 2 and gonorrhea.

Part of the lawsuit reads,

Mr Carrey repeatedly acted in a heartless, outlandish, exploitive, despicable, abhorrent, outrageous, opportunistic and pure evil manner in that: Carrey knowingly gave Ms White sexually transmitted diseases without any regard for her and well-being; Carrey lied about the fact that he had given her the diseases.

The suit goes on to claim,

When Ms white confronted Carrey, he even went so far as to immediately dump her, refuse to talk to her and tell her she could talk to his assistant.

It adds,

Carrey, with the help of his powerful lawyers and handlers, sought to degrade, shame and threaten Ms White into staying quiet and Carrey showed a complete disregard for Ms White's emotional well-being.

According to the lawsuit, Ms. White experienced symptoms relating to an STD in January 2013.

Text messages between the two around the same time to appear to express her concerns about said symptoms.

She sent a message to the star on February 20, 2013, in which she noted she "had a couple of bumps down there again, felt them this morning so I want to get it checked."

In a reply, Carrey reassured her these symptoms may be the result of "abrasion."

That Friday, Ms. White was informed she had contracted the diseases. She had previously told Carrey she had been tested before they embarked on a sexual relationship and her results were clear.

Obviously concerned the news would get out, text messages purporting to be from Carrey show him allegedly shutting down.

At one point he says Ms. White has "became too much drama."

Carrey's attorney, Martin Singer, has slammed the accusations and branded them a "shakedown."

Their defense is based around firing shots at Burton's marriage. The attorney claims it was a sham so Ms. White, originally from Ireland, could evade immigration laws.

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