Jeremy Piven Is Parading Around As Ari Gold And It's Everything


The "Entourage" movie is only a few weeks away from being released, and in order to promote the film, Jeremy Piven is doing the press rounds as his most famous character, Ari Gold.

Piven/Gold is also promoting a real book written by the fictional character called "The Gold Standard: Rules to Rule By."

If you've ever seen "Entourage," you know Ari has quite a mouth on him and almost no filter.

Apparently, nothing has changed since the show ended.

For example, Gold went on "Today" and used the phrase "crazier than a sh*thouse rat."

Take a look at what Ari Gold has been up to lately:

Here's a little clip from his "Today" performance.

Here he is at the New York Stock Exchange.

Just in case people didn't realize what was going on...

Ari hung out at CNBC.

Ari sure knows how to sell himself.

Piven made sure to warn his fans about the presence of Ari.

And here he is on Fox Business' "Kennedy."

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