Jennifer Lawrence Has A Hot New Bodyguard And We Couldn't Approve More (Photos)

Breaking news: Jennifer Lawrence has a new bodyguard, and he's smokin' hot.

If I were her, I'd upgrade him to boyfriend STAT. Let's be real, he's a serious step up from Chris Martin...

Lawrence and her new arm candy, Greg Lenz, were photographed in New York earlier this week, and so far, he's been getting more attention from the photos than she has.

In one photo, he's seen carrying her dog, and that's the cutest thing a man can do besides play with a cat or hold a baby.

Here's hoping he sticks around for awhile -- for Lawrence's safety, of course.

Prepare to swoon, and check him out below.




Jennifer Lawrence is a smart woman, check out her new whoa! #holdmydog @NiraArora — Holly Conway (@HollyConway) June 12, 2015


Jennifer Lawrence needs to convert that bodyguard into a boyfriend fast. — Dəbi™ (@dhebied) June 12, 2015

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