Jennifer Aniston Made Her 'Bachelor' Picks

"Bachelor" superfan Jennifer Aniston has officially locked in her early picks for season 21's top four contestants.

With 30 women to choose from, a larger selection than in previous seasons, Jen had some tough choices to make for her boy, Nick Viall, when she visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Thursday.

When Jimmy asked Jen whether she liked Nick as the next Bachelor, the "Office Christmas Party" star told him,

He's pretty cute... I really like Nick. A lot of people were iffy about Nick at the beginning.

The host reminded Jen people were likely critical of the fact Nick has had three shots at love, between two seasons of "The Bachelorette" and one season of "Bachelor in Paradise."

Jen replied,

I know! No... Yeah! Yeah... What does that say?

Who knows, Jen? Who. Even. Knows.

Jimmy came prepared with a board stacked with season 21's contestants for Jen to draft from and, though her rubric for making these selections is still a secret, she shared some insight into her choices with the viewers.

First Pick: Corrine, 24


"A business owner! I like that… and just based on her beautiful blonde hair… She's 24? She's too young to get married."

Second Pick: Elizabeth, 29


"I like a doula… and she wears a good wedge."

Third Pick: Rachel, 31


"Ooh! She's cute! Look at those arms. Ooh! She's an attorney. She's smart. He'll probably -- he's gonna need an attorney, don't you think?"

Fourth Pick: Danielle M., 31


"A nurse! A neonatal nurse. She's cute."

Solid picks, J Baby, solid, solid picks. Who will it be? Business-y Corinne? Baby-catcher Liz? Ally McRachel? Pregnant lady whisperer Danielle M.?

The suspense is frankly too much to bear. If Jen's as big a "Bachelor" fan as Jimmy gives her credit for ("You are VERY into it"), these girls are going all the damn way.