Jay Z And Beyoncé Reportedly Bailed Out Ferguson And Baltimore Protesters


Jay Z may be campaigning for his artist-owned music app while his wife, Beyoncé, works for feminism, but it doesn't mean the pair hasn't taken the time to get involved in black activism movements.

They just don't need the extra publicity.

In a series of tweets screenshotted by Complex yesterday, social activist dream hampton alleged Jay Z "wired tens of thousands" to help bail out Baltimore protesters, the same action he reportedly took during the Ferguson riots last summer.

The activist, who admitted she'd probably frustrate the rapper by revealing his family's contributions, further explained the famous couple are long-time patrons of the activist group Black Lives Matter.

Soon, however, the writer explained she'd received instructions to stop tweeting.

In a statement to the New York Daily News, hampton stood by her claims, saying,

The activist told her Twitter followers the stars have been generous in supporting Black Lives Matter.

She continued to tweet about their actions.

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