Jennifer Lawrence Wore A Wedding Dress On Red Carpet

Wearing white after labor day, brown corduroys with black loafers, clashing animal print -- these fashion faux pas are nothing compared to the big one: wearing a wedding dress when you're not supposed to.

Realistically, most of us will only get to wear a wedding dress once or twice, depending on how many men we can trick into marrying us.

Polite society says you shouldn't wear a wedding dress when it's not your wedding, or even when you're just supposed to "dress up."

So what's up with Jennifer Lawrence at the "Passengers" premiere?

Are these guys Jennifer Lawrence's two dads giving Chris Pratt their blessing?


Lawrence's Dior gown isn't technically a wedding dress, but what makes a dress a "wedding dress" anyway? I could wear, as I plan to, a burlap sack as my wedding gown.

Anyone could easily wear this thing down the aisle.

TULLE, Jennifer?! TULLE?! Who wears TULLE if you're not sashaying down the aisle to a man you tricked into not requesting a prenup!?

The actress debuted the look at the premiere for her film "Passengers," but the low-cut bodice and floor-length tulle skirt that draws images of "BRIDE" to mind aren't even the worst things about the dress.

Forget tying the knot...are those belt buckles?


J Law, noooooo!

Where have I seen this look before?

Oh, that's right. On a foot.


Lawrence also wore Christian Louboutins and Beladora and Repossi jewels for the occasion.

But WHO was in charge of THIS?!


I'm sorry for the, uh, awkward closeup of breasts. I just don't know how else to crop that weird heart brooch out without body parts showing up.

I swear I'm not a dirty birdie with creepy peepers -- which I know makes it sound like I actually am and I'm just trying to cover.

What a waste of jewels. The way I see it, jewels belong in one place and one place only.

No, not in a heart shape on a bosom, but rather in me pirate's chest.

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