Hilaria Baldwin Posted An Underwear Selfie 24 Hours After Giving Birth


The beautiful Hilaria Baldwin is sharing a positive message about body image to her fans and followers on Instagram.

Only 24 hours after giving birth to her adorable son, Leonardo, the 32-year-old star and wife of Alec Baldwin took a selfie in just her underwear.

Hilaria chose to post the revealing images in order to promote "healthy self esteem" and normalize "a real body."


She explained her message further in the caption:

Fans immediately wished Hilaria congratulations and flooded her Instagram photo with positive comments.


She also shared some sweet photos holding her newborn child. ISN'T HE PRECIOUS?


A big congratulations to Hilaria, Alec and their daughter Carmen. She's clearly very excited to be a big sis...

Cutest family ever? I think so.

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